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The Whisper on Relationships: Through Sunflowers (by Maria R. Nebres, article September 9, 2019)

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The Whisper on Relationships: Through Sunflowers (by Maria R. Nebres, article September 9, 2019)
It's amazing how nature provides whispers, nudges of God's graces, blessings and insights for humankind. Take, for instance, the whisper about healthy relationships, through my favourite plant: the Sunflower.  When I promote the idea of leading from Love at work and in personal life, high engagement really is all about healthy relationships. But what does that mean exactly? How does it get accomplished? Organizations may not use the "L" word overtly, but you'll see it, feel it, in many thriving companies. I'm talking about the purest sense of the "L" (Love) word - the love for an idea, concept, others, from shared purpose and aligned values. The kind of love that can weather through inevitable challenges and pressures that work and life present us with.

In Quora Digest, I read that the Sunflower, made up of a bunch of smaller flowers, is remarkably multi-purposed, including keeping bees happy by facing east. Brilliant reasons why sunflowers are such a delight to this planet and worthwhile to look into. One delightful tidbit I learned is that they face each other on cloudy days - and by doing so, they both benefit from any reflected light from the other, also safeguarding from too much water if the cloudy day brings on rain. Just looking at sunflowers amazes with their cheerful, hearty poise - but with this newfound tidbit, we can be much more thankful for how it reminds us of the collective strength and brilliance of setting loving and kind intentions in our day with others.
Love and its virtues of trust, collaboration, respect, inclusion, compassion, and so much more (hint: take a look at your company's values and supporting mission and purpose), can be translated in the workplace, expressed, through relationships with meaningful purpose that serve all. A supportive environment that allows alignment for each individual to flourish in their core genius and purpose is key to lasting, exceptional results. Love raises our consciousness for a better way of taking care of and relating with ourselves and others. A better way where love has a necessary seat in business operations and decision-making, because it ignites the inspiration and high engagement for aligned productivity and exceptional results everyone can be a part of and be moved by, time and time again. It starts with self.
Imagine, you have that source for leading successfully from the kind of moments, turned into days, where you heed to the whispers in your heart for your brilliant part in nurturing relationships that express meaning and purpose, serving a greater good through kind care, compassion, support and empathy, for self and others. Imagine modelling that so others can do same.
Do you wish your team was more engaged at work? Most leaders do. According to Gallup, about 70% of employees are disengaged at work, and those talented ones you want to retain, are heading off to do their own thing. Add to that, almost 90% of leaders indicate their source of stress comes from leading others and their work, resulting in managing this stress by removing themselves (from their people) physically, emotionally, mentally. 
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