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Follow Up on Your Balance of Giving and Receiving

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Follow Up on Your Balance of Giving and Receiving
Sharing another sunrise once more and so grateful to have caught it for prayer and thanks to God.

It was like a shining spotlight that wanted to follow up on my yesterday with someone - on the balance of giving and receiving.

1) How are you balancing where you flow energy towards others - what you're giving, sharing, where you're putting others first in your life?

2) What is it you need now, to keep confident and centered in Love, in Peace, in your truth?

The fine line between these holds the key to really, THRIVING.

The spotlight may take the form of recognizing and seeing where you have fallen out of balance. Divine Light shines and whispers,
"don't judge when this happens, but know there's opportunity

To commit,
To taking steps,
To listen to intuition and inspiration
To how you can cultivate harmony between taking care of yourself and being of service."

Add spiritual practices, prayer, meditation reflection, contemplation...for Insight, from connection with God, with Divine Source.
Under the radar of your conscious mind, a healing energy to clear out toxic patterns.
Awareness, release, transmute.
Presence in now.

Prioritize health, the habits, and claim the deep potential and opportunity of what every moment of every day holds.

This is what the sunrise brought me today. With so much love!