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Be Open to Possibilities - MCU Awareness Session, November 21, 2019 (After-thoughts)

Be Open to Possibilities - MCU Awareness Session, November 21, 2019 (After-thoughts)
I was honoured by sharing time with this group of leaders who opened their minds and hearts for their ongoing level-up for leadership, better connections, better alignments - possibilities.
Truth is, those possibilities are always within reach. You may not be able to suddenly turn things around with others or develop new skills/habits with the snap of a finger. But every day has, within it, countless opportunities, all dependent on choices made.
Some of those choices may seem inconsequential when you face them - they are after all, little things. And you may ask yourself, 'Why not do it how I usually do it?' Or, 'Why not stay put, when it’s just so darn comfortable here?' Or, 'Things will never change, why bother?' Do it for the possibility. The possibility that if you make one minor shift in perspective, you may shift things to set the stage for major fulfillment, better relationships, alignments. Even the smallest shift in thinking, feeling or doing can allow for the biggest opportunities.
Yep, this group did just that and welcomed a different perspective, for the sake of relationships. It took one choice by the senior leader of this pack, from love. Grateful for this opportunity - thank you, Wanita!