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What PEACE Means When We Lead with Love

What PEACE Means When We Lead with Love

This morning, I had breakfast with my 19-year-old son, Josh, where he asked me if I thought he’d like Mark Manson’s book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” long enough to finish it cover to cover. It sits on our coffee table, right next to Brene Brown’s “Dare to Lead”, and my own two books which, dedicated to him, he’s yet to read, (oiy!).  I assured him he’d find Manson’s writing style and content amusing. It was a great conversation, and I was reminded of how very different he and I are, yet similar in one particular way.


It reminded me of the amazing conversations that are had with those I come across, co-create and work with for career, profession, business advancement. It opens with the typical validation of credentials and the superficial symptoms, asking for immediate attention and resolution. Naturally, it takes us to this personal space, where many can feel alone in the question, “How can I possibly get even better results for myself and others?"


This happened yesterday and the days before that – where it takes me to the remembrance of yearnings that we share in the want for something meaningful and right away...


- to get out of pain

- to figure out, make sense of the chaos around us, for what 'next'

- to achieve more and better for steady cadence that reaches a victory

- to feel, ready, "enough", during disparities

- to liberate from situations that suppress our truths in vitality, well-being, passions and longings, gifts and talents

- to reach a common goal with others

- to feel fully present, a sense of belonging and meaning that what we do and are, matters.

I'm humbled, brought to my knees each time - inspired by those I witness, help, co-create with, share in helping to address yearnings like these...within structures and systems that often trigger us, keep us stuck from that which we each deserve, for better, from our place in the world.

From the Infinite (larger and beyond our physical) within us, at the soul level, out to our finite (physical) world, for spirit of service.


There is a fabric that connects us, woven from the integration of finite with infinite into reality - into form in our life's aspects and domains where we can make a difference, every moment. Where we can choose and act, for better possibilities and creations from core genius and wisdom within.

From the inside, out, for better:

- relationships

- systems and structures

- sustainability and sustenance


Because while we are, each, unique like a snowflake,

While we have our own 'boat' in the vast ocean of life,

We are One... for the priceless destination we ultimately aspire to achieve in every moment.



My soul's work with others offers a bridge, and it starts with my vision for peace. Clearing the dishes this morning, Josh asked me what peace means to me and how I help people for peace. I showed him this piece I worked on, inspired by others, to guide myself and others for what PEACE meant in how I serve. He said, “Oh, yah, I get it Mom. Love you.”


Peace was had at that very moment in my world, that quieted those yearnings and flowed me nicely through my day.

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