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This is The Key to Achieving Your Next Breakthrough Performance

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This is The Key to Achieving Your Next Breakthrough Performance
Do you really see yourself? Do you see what’s on the back of where you came from, where you are now, and where you want to be?
We’ve been conditioned to rely on external systems or others to guide our way that we can find ourselves looking in the "mirror" only to see the weary reflection of what we think of ourselves, or what others would view in us - maybe that we are, or deserve, “mediocre” at best.
There is this inner brilliance of which oftentimes, we may not realize we have until we manifest something from what my middle-bro, Moses, fittingly calls, “those Herculean tasks” or challenges that make us ask, “how did I manage to do [or get through] all of this?”
It's within us, always available, and we've tapped into it at one time or another. You may know it from those defining moments of rising in hope turned into beliefs, into trust, into actions that demonstrate faith, surpassing any fear that limits us. It is that energy, fueled by the divine force within us and all around. It is fueled by Love, which illuminates guidance and life from the truths in our vitality, well-being, wholeness, genius, talents/gifts.
Tapping into our inner brilliance can stop the loops of stories that crop up to send us reeling into a path of panic and overwhelm, feeling unworthy and riddled with self-doubt, limiting beliefs, complaining, blaming,...settling for everything short of our brilliance…you know the list. And it takes an internal system based in Love: the source for the most potent engagement there is.
To reacquaint with your brilliance, ask yourself, when the last time was that you felt appreciation, joy and a sense for accomplishment in your life: personally - professionally - relationally - financially - in health & fitness - giving & contribution - lifestyle.
Imagine harnessing this brilliance, for what it felt like:
🕊️this feeling of certainty, courage, ease, sureness, enlivenment, connection, belonging, clarity, unconditional and unbridled joy and inspiration that spreads like a magnificent unfolding from your place of brilliance.
⭐ If you open yourself up to it, there's a breakthrough on the back of your experience with authentic success - from the seasons you've already experienced.
✔️Look and call them up from the heart, in full presence.
✔️Feel the good-feels until you can describe them from your mental faculties; within every cell of your being.
✔️Harness that deep sense for how it lights you up for razor-sharp focus on what you can control, for what matters most!
⭐When you take time to create space for, and create from this, you can find that you’re already closer than you think you are, no matter what ‘they’/ your inner critic/ those numbers, tell you!
Enjoy your week's flow, and if this moved you - even an inch forward - yay! 
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