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The Gift of Presence and Healing Grief - A 2020 Reflection with Pat Sheveland

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2020 year is almost complete, and many can’t wait to have it close. In the spirit of hope for the coming 2021 new year, I take this moment to share a gift I felt blessed by in my recent time with Pat Sheveland, Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Healing Guide, who specializes in grief counseling and the application of the ancient wisdom of QiGong for healing grief.


We recently shared space to virtually catch up, connect and reflect on how we flowed this 2020 year to balance challenges with hope and inspired action from Love. We delved deep and talked about the realities we faced and witnessed, the lessons in loss and grieving that many of us experienced, the joys, struggles, opportunities we seized and continue to explore big and small.


Pat shared her own journey helping people through this year and her gained insights on the inner process of grieving, and the honouring of Love’s place for healing, peace, and purpose. She has a new book that just launched out, "Living Life in The Middle: The Caregiver's Guide to Healing, Hope, and Harmony through Multigenerational Living" (Amazon link is below in comment section) - a brilliant example of how even in the midst of change and challenges, something beautiful comes out of it – yes, blessings are hidden, yet in plain sight alongside our challenges! Thank you for sharing your Love’s wisdom and service, Pat!!

Check out her new book - available on Amazon now! 

May we continue to find Love’s ease with the release of the old in the NOW, by tuning into intentions for the flow of renewing possibilities as we cultivate a sense of optimism and openness for the blessings the 2021 New Year can bring.

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