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The Daily Clean Slate Practice

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The Daily Clean Slate Practice
My Friday's whiteboard - the slate has been wiped clean from a full week! A few hours ago, it was filled with exercises and notes in blue, black, red, and green ink and though I winced at wiping off the work, it also felt liberating. This week's focus with my co-creations: letting go.
There's much to gain and release when the 'whiteboard' within you gets taken care of regularly - to welcome new and release what needs to be released for new. This is about your mindset - particularly, what you continue to hold in your subconscious where your beliefs, emotions and habits nestle in.
Your past includes months ago, years ago, the days from the week you just completed - and it’s also the minutes and seconds that go by as you read this. Your past includes a continuous stream of occurrences, actions, and reactions; successes, frictions, tensions and maybe even drama.
A great way to allow your past to stay where it belongs (in the past and ‘done’) is to practice a “clean slate” approach to your flow in your moments, on a daily basis, in full presence for completing what needs completing and then letting it go.
A “clean slate” is starting anew with a fresh approach. It allows you to open yourself for the unfolding of each new moment as a gift ready to unwrap, unfold before you; a creative line or two (or more) to add to your story, and it can help illuminate what awaits to be noticed, to allow, to take in, to seize, to release.
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Here's to your 'clean slate' for a daily dose of fresh starts and clean finishes, with love and blessings, always!