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Taking Care of Truth

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Taking Care of Truth
Sometimes we want to move, take steps forward, yet something seems pulls us back. What is it? We know it as Fear.
Studies in psychology and neuroscience have referred to certain "Fears" as "false expectations appearing real" in many circumstances that arise for us in today's world of uncertainty.
When I was a kid, I used to hate watching horror movies like "Nightmare on Elm Street", because I believed that the villain (Freddy Kruger) would literally slither into my dreams and slaughter me something horrific! This fear was bred from an upbringing that evil forces existed and that I was to be 'extra good' and cautious. When I became a mom, my son helped me to overcome this - along with other fears like with spiders - determined that I wouldn't transfer this horror-movie phobia over to him. Sure, I would be his entertainment as he'd laugh at me screaming in seat at the theatre - but I licked this fear!
Our brain (mind) is always taking in thoughts, always learning – and it will also naturally want to protect us, as our conscious mind takes in thoughts, filters it, holds tight to what we let into our subconscious mind (where beliefs are cultivated).

Consider these:
1) Patterns that limit us from our agency (power of truth) are baggage from past hurts and fears
2) For every 1 NEGATIVE thought, it TAKES 3 POSITIVE thoughts to counter
To counter negative and bring in positive,
- leverage your body (sensations), emotions and feelings to guide so that you
- consciously choose thoughts you accept into your subconscious and
- ground yourself in heart for energy that aligns you to forward momentum.

Studies out there tell us that positive thoughts actually increase our brain's capacity to think with better clarity and focus.

Break these negative patterns from the root - those patterns we learned about ourselves from hurts that do not serve forward momentum in the present moment.

What pulls you back from forward?
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