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My 2020 Journey from Within - A Prelude to My Unfolding

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The infamous 2020 year may have come and gone, but I remember so much of it, as everyone else does too! For me, 2020 involved rude awakenings, struggles, painful adjustments mixed in with hope, joy, peace from the embrace of the Divine force within me - Love. It continues as I enter into 2021. I am taking the Conscious Path and see this more clearly as each moment unfolds in my full presence. 
I have always felt this inexpressible calling to explore the mystery of inner realms, the spiritual wisdom of their relationship to the outer world as an approach to living a life of meaning, purpose and contribution. And as I mature in my years, I feel this deep resonance to share from this powerful remembrance.
My journey continues and I wanted to share this flow's moment in particular, something that may resonate for many out there in this world we continue to live in.
It's a video that beautifully captures my deep appreciation for the profound activation-experience I gained in my recent pilgrim-journey back in October, 2020, with 13 Temples as I was preparing for and making adjustments to my vocation in life. I'm grateful to Darshan Mendoza, a beautiful soul, spiritual director and founder of this wonderful organization, and her team, who embraced me, who connected me with other brilliant souls in a collective firmly rooted by the Way Forward to return "home". 
As I prepare for my "next" in this beautiful life journey of mine, and how I will share and help others, I feel grounded once more with a full cup of Love's wisdom and spirit. My inner journey in 2020 was deep, reminding me of my own "soul-print" marking my entire life's flow, and I felt the invaluable potency of my gifts, my constant healing and renewal, once again, for my dance in this world, once more.
In my upcoming book due for launch in early 2021, I wrote this, and share it now with you,
"This truth is what I’ve come and continue to believe within every cell and fibre of my being - that in spite of and despite any challenge, in any life domain I enter and fulfill, my life is guided by a powerful Divine force within, and when I choose to align myself with this energy, the best path unfolds before me, always."
I want to remind you today:

Continue to dive within and remember. Remember also to continue to look up.
You are so much more than your physical body, emotions, and you are so much more than your mind. You are so much more than your experiences of the external world and its domains around you. Yet, these are part of your gifts when you learn to take care of them, to understand them in alignment with Love's wisdom within you, the fuel and salve for clarity, peace and harmony.
The underlying truth is that you are a beautiful Divine Light who is One with All.
You are able to open to the highest and best possibilities in the ever present Now.
The elephant is on the table, though - its easy to feel disconnected from this...
It's easy to get pulled into the dramas, traumas and illusions of the external world around. A key to shift is to start paying attention to your thoughts, actions and I did for the entire first year of this Global pandemic, as I did previous to that, and as I do, to date.
For me, it was about coming back into my body and truly feeling what she had to say, once I could quiet the noise. And from my body, I could hear in God's voice, the Divine force of Love within me once more.  Align with the Divine force within you...
With this you can then choose to harmonize with the highest and best possibilities in the present moment! To allow your mind to still and your consciousness to lift...
Which then allows Divine Love and incredible light to anchor through you.
Breathe in the love, peace and presence that is all around you...
And as you exhale...feel your Light and share it, for all, for One because you trust and remember your way back to Love with its peace and presence - this is who you truly are!
With so much continued love and blessings to you!
Maria (