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Love and the Highly Engaged Team ranks in Top 100 - Get Your Copy!

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Love and the Highly Engaged Team ranks in Top 100 - Get Your Copy!

When I see my book continuing to rank in the Top 100, in the same categories - Org Behaviour and HR & Personnel Management - as, and right next to expert-thought leaders like Stephen Covey, John Kotter, Daniel Goleman, the team at Harvard Business Review (HBR)...and, Abraham Lincoln (wha?!!), I can't help but to let my inner child burst out in dance from pure love, joy and gratitude - these same emotions that fuel me to continue my passion and purpose in the work I do to contribute leveling up leadership that makes a true difference for high engagement in workplaces today, from the inside-out.


I'm thankful to all who have purchased my book, showed encouragement, contributed a review, and reached out in support of my paperback launch to local and international bookstores on April 21, 2020 - your can order online now through Amazon, Chapters-Indigo, Barnes and Noble!


I feel a profound vibration for "better" in workplaces and in life - better engagement through a higher leadership within our life's moments and within our fast-paced schedules where leading and high engagement can often feel painfully far-reaching, near-impossible for many of us. If you're a motivated leader looking to amp up engagement, if you feel as though time and your tired team members aren't your best allies for those targets you're on the hook for, leaving you constantly stressed and overwhelmed...What if I told you its more achievable than you think?


You can get clear on what actions you need to take RIGHT NOW - and then actually take them, with Love, not the "F" word (FEAR) or stress. It's LOVE's time now, and I'm so excited for us all! 


Much love and success to you, always!