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Join Me this Summer to Raise Your Leadership Impact and Influence for What Matters Most!

Join Me this Summer to Raise Your Leadership Impact and Influence for What Matters Most!
Imagine... what it would be like if nothing held you back?

Really. Think about it. Feel it completely, right now.... 

Imagine every detail...

You're living your full potential in every moment of your career, business, family / personal relationship, community, those often inevitable and difficult moments in life challenges and transitions.

You feel a sense of peace, balance, clarity, for your ‘next’ move for that amazing "something", "someone". You feel your advancement with influence and impact from the truth of who you are, for even better than what/who is showing up for you at this time - something deeply important and meaningful to you.

You're free from over-stress and fatigue. Free from endless unanswered important questions, unattended decisions, distractions that leave you exhausted yet you know you must address, but somehow feel...stuck.

For too long now, you've carried this feeling that you're on that never-ending wheel of doing and wondering, to nowhere. So you stay with your status-quo. Deep down you feel the 'over-connection' to noise and distractions around you, and the 'disconnect' from your own life, even though you're busy doing things, putting out fires you feel must get done. And have this nagging urge there's something better than status quo, for even better outcomes.

Imagine a life free from wondering, “What if…?” or "If only..."
“…If I just asked for that raise?”
“…If I just told them how I felt or what I think?”

“…If I could influence the situation for even better?”

“…If I could make a difference?”

“…If I just went for it?”

“…If I only knew what I really want?"
“…If I just took better care of myself?”

“…If I only knew how to feel whole and at peace."

Imagine a life free from "too much" or "too little".

Truth is, most regrets in life are because of the things we didn’t do – the ‘what if’s’, 'if only's', 'too much', 'too little' we've clung to; that we never fully answered and resolved. We carry the hauntings into our present moments.

When most regrets happen, they usually yield us more obstacles to worry about, causing us unnecessary pain, discomfort. Causing us to get in our own way of fulfilling something meaningful to us and with ease.

Another truth is that none of us were born with insecurities and limiting beliefs about our ability to fulfill what we set out.

No one was born this way - we simply learned to be this way. You may not even be conscious of it. 

Regret usually manifests itself (shows up) in life, through other means, such as: 

  • Health issues like chronic pain, sleeplessness or over-sleep, exhaustion, weight-gain/loss
  • Relationship problems and/or breakdowns
  • Financial issues
  • Recurring self-sabotage causing inaction or indecisiveness, self-destructive habits and addictions 
  • Feeling overly emotional causing frustration/anger/depression, loneliness, constant worry or stress, burn out, indecisiveness, laziness or apathy, confusion, low self-esteem and confidence
  • Feeling disconnected from self or others (or both) 

You may have tried everything to resolve these struggles, but nothing seemed to work in a sustainable, easeful way, so you go back to the way things are...and keep wondering 'what if' and 'if only' — you don’t know what you don’t know; you don't have what you deeply want. You have too much, yet you too little. And you wish things could change, until you resign to the conclusion that "things will never change". And you pine, deep down for something, someone, better, to arrive.

Something deeper is going on beneath the surface that’s keeping you stuck in old ways that no longer serve you for moving forward  - from surviving, to constant striving/ thriving.
Something deeper than applying the solution, the advice or guidance from others that just doesn't make a difference for you. That "something" is your fundamental belief that no matter what, you are just not good enough to succeed. You believe that you are not worth it.


Whether you’re trying to shape up, advance your position, impact, status, or attract the right partner, relationships (including with yourself)…
Whether you’re trying to get ahead, move forward, or rise above your situation in life...
If you have a subconscious belief that

  • you will fail
  • it's not safe to step up
  • you're not enough to make the difference
  • you can't trust anyone

…it's likely, then, these beliefs, will turn into your reality.

No matter how effective your solution or how effective the advice you've received, if you have a constant expectation that things, relationships, won't work out, and you simply have no control in influencing the outcome, then that is what will show up. Things, relationships not working out - outcomes of what you don't want, versus what you do want. 

Why? Because first you make your beliefs, then your beliefs make your outcomes.
The common denominator behind all of our emotional issues that become one of our biggest adversaries to happiness, true lasting success, and peace...

Are the beliefs that we are not enough, we have no control, or can't trust ourselves, or others. Once you change this belief, everything else changes along with it.  

This is an example of what we illuminate at my upcoming learning session - so that you can get going with what's beneath it - the "amazing" within you that for the right direction for your way... forward!

Come join me to learn how you can get started with a renewed way, right away. The summer schedule, for a 2.5 hour class, starts July 15, 2021 and run through September.
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See you soon!