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Interview with Erika Flint: How Hypnosis Can Help You Lead Through Turbulent Times

I had the honour of being in full presence with this wonderful human being, soul, healer, hypnotist, and business leader! Big questions explore: What happens when you're feeling pressured? When you feel squeezed by deadlines, too much to do in too little time, for decisions, dilemmas, and expectations from others? When your ability to perform optimally for the roles and the external systems that matter to you - for results - start to collide?
When pressured, it often causes overwhelm, burnout, even feelings of defeat. We then limit ourselves to feelings of fear from lack and scarcity, doubting our ability to feelings of 'not enough', causing us to fall short on what we really want. In pressured times, we can tend to lose our true self which holds our truths in vitality, well-being, passions, longings, and gifts from within, for our self and for the world around us, for meaningful, lasting results.
In my soul's work to help motivated professionals in their business and relationship structures, to amplify their skills to negotiate, influence, and impact their advancement in their career and life, I'm grateful to have spent time exploring this with Erika Flint, a dynamic human and soul, expert hypnotist and business leader with a mission to provide the powerful tool of hypnosis for making a difference in the world.
Check out this recording, for our thought provoking time together! In this interview with Erika Flint, CEO of Cascade Hypnosis Training, we explored our perspectives and insights on what it takes to lead in pressured and uncertain times often causing overwhelm and burnout. Erika brought her perspectives and mission on the value of hypnosis as a powerful, integrative tool for taking care of our mind and nervous system during high-stress, pressured times at work, in business, and in life. When I think of Erika, the word "Electrifying" comes to mind and heart in serendipitous ways. Her ‘dance’ in life is ‘electrifying’, her influence and impact with business owners making a difference in this world, expansive - since the first moment I met her back in 2018 during my amazing life-altering, first book-writing journey. Since then, I had read her book, “Can You Be a Hypnotist?” a gazillion times and gained so much from it for my own conscious pathing, and co-creation work with others. Our time together resonated with my own soul mission and work for expanding the amazing grace of Love from true self out to others, leadership within relational structures and systems both in professional and personal life.
We zeroed in on the topic of self-care, self-leadership, and navigating through life's domains from a renewed integrative way-forward for balance from purposeful, impactful and meaningful work and life. Leading in relationships from this, with the right flow and brilliance for quick results and momentum is key, and requires one's whole healthy self. The tool of Hypnosis was eye-opening for me! Exciting times as we continue our collaborative work to promote self-leadership and its game-changer for leadership in business and in life - making a difference for a better humanity and "working" world.
I highly recommend you grab her book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble - you can catch what people are saying about it, too (including my rave review). Erika is a hypnotist expert, thought and mission leader, the CEO of Cascade Hypnosis Centre in Bellingham, Washington. She is a multi-best seller, multi-award winning, Board Certified Hypnotist and Accredited Certified Professional Hypnotherapist. She was inducted into the prestigious Order of Braid Council, NGH’s International Honour Society, the centerpiece designation of the NGH Awards System recognizing her lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication, and service. And now, I’m doing a dance...all smiles with joy from this interview recording and the possibilities unfolding for us. If you’re a curious one with a whole lot of groove waiting to burst out of you, you will not want to miss this! I’m certain a state of “flow” and electrifying groove will reach you with so much goodness!
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