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How to Believe You CAN from the Lens of Love

How to Believe You CAN from the Lens of Love

Today, I felt butterflies in my stomach from an email I received about an upcoming podcast I’ve been invited to speak at, on authentic leadership, and how to effectively lead others during trying times.

The spark of excitement is most certainly there, and so is this anxiousness of “will I get it right?” A trigger was when I was asked a series of questions along the lines of, “what are you known for?”. I’m still working on these questions where I don’t feel like a stark spotlight is exposing me to emotions that bring up feelings where I lose my grounding, where it’s all about not “tooting my own horn” or perfection and my needs from this being met.

And then I remember that it isn’t about me; rather, it’s about truth from who I am that I can meaningfully bring out to others for what can serve beyond me. I looked back at this photo, and my recent moments with those I work with.

I will never forget this moment. It is the kind of moment I feel more often lately – yes, more so now than even when this particular photo was taken: six months before giving birth to my second book, Love & Leadership in The Fast Lane and a month prior to the official print launch to international bookstores of my first book, Love and The Highly Engaged Team.

I shared this on that summer day in 2020, and share it once more, with an insight at this very moment, following a session with a dear client on the teaching of believing from the personal and professional lens of Love: that you can teach yourself to cultivate beliefs that inspire forward motion; and inspire others to do same for something so much better than the butterflies twirling around to ad nauseam.

How? Through breathing in Source (of Love) and breathing out Light (of Love). The ability to authentically embody the knowing of your answers to “I am…”

For me in this photo, “I am…Divine Peace.” No worries, no concerns. Filled with joy, gratitude, connection, contentment for what I have, who I relate with, how and why I view, think, and do …compassionate understanding from my place IN Love.

I feel at one with my world because of this Divine force, from within. Because it’s within each of us, waiting to be awakened each moment for innate truth in vitality, well being, talents and gifts. This is what replaces fear from the spotlight.

My heart is open in the knowing that Love thrives in a state of peace. And peace weathers through turbulent times for a thriving life.

Love is the path to engagement. Peace is the destination.

To know peace, I become peace. And that is the place that has always served. That is the place that originates meaningful purpose in connecting with others, personally and professionally.

What’s your answer to “I am…”, right this moment?

If you can’t answer this from your place of Love, let’s chat - find out more about how we can help through game-changing techniques that can yield you results for your brilliant outcomes in the most easeful way, because now is always the time!