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From Pain and Drain to Brilliance - Come Join Our 6-Week Play for BrillianceBack!

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From Pain and Drain to Brilliance - Come Join Our 6-Week Play for BrillianceBack!
For the compassionate, motivated, and hardworking looking to regain their truths in vitality, sense for clarity, influence and impact at work, at home and in personal life, especially during trying times.
Are you done with ‘too much’ of what you don’t want and ‘not enough’ of what you do want? Do you want to get back to what you love?
On Monday, December 6, 2021, up to 10 founding members will start working closely with me for 6 weeks, to get their brilliance back in a lasting, expansive way, without selling short on what matters most.
Liberate from constant pain & drain accompanied by doubt, guilt, shame, angst, worry - that gets in the way of the life you want. Finally get back to fulfilling your meaningful, vibrant genius for your important roles, without feeling like you’re in bits and pieces.
IMAGINE: Brilliance. Constant aches, pains, overwhelm, behind you. Easeful like a breath of fresh air revitalizing the whole vibrant, genius YOU in the picture! Drama-free flow that works FOR you without leaving you behind in tired pieces in the process.
Our time follows a foundational ‘unhinge-unleash” approach with ready-to-apply intentional & insights-based guidance from my unique signature method.
What you'll get:
🎈The “Brilliance Back Boost” 6-weeks together for key outcomes:
Week1: BrillianceBack Clarity Quick Start
Week2: Easeful Growth Forward
Week3: Brilliance Alignment in Motion
Week4: Raising Influence & Impact
Week5: Expansion that Matters
Week6: Celebration
🎆Bonus1: Weekly Coaching & guidance to personalize your plan.
🎆Bonus2: The 6-week BrillianceBack flow plan to unleash & soar!
🎆Bonus3: Weekly doses of guiding reinforcements to keep you boosted.
🎆Bonus4: Accountability support with like-minded community members for momentum forward in brilliance-outcomes.
🎆Bonus5: The new Brilliance App and membership site to stay in-tune & tapped-in to Use Anywhere, Anytime.
🎆Bonus6: Mastery Membership - discounted monthly coaching after the Boost, to amplify your long-term growth and expansion (new content, monthly membership community/accountability support).
And it gets BETTER. GET ALL THIS for an amazing price before this goes public at the regular price. Your price can also be applied as a one-time credit toward an additional of a 6-9 week 1:1 with me for advanced and radical transformational “Accelerate Your Brilliance”, commencing immediately upon sign up.
No crazy stress-hooks - you've got important brilliance ahead of you, I get it!
I’m simply looking to test out and evolve my new app platform with renewed/upgraded content to reach brilliance makers out there & I'm excited to get some brilliant testimonials with this mutually beautiful unfolding, before the app releases to general public at regular price.
Ready to “giddy up” as one of the founding members? Here's the application form to get on a discovery call with me! BrillianceBack Application