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FALL'2021 SPECIAL EVENT: How to Yield Better Outcomes at Work and in Personal Life

Authentic and lasting success in ANYTHING starts from the Self, and it takes effective self-care. For as long as we can remember, self-care in society has been grossly misunderstood, undervalued for its foundational part in bringing about brilliance in our world of wellness, work, innovation, progress and play.
We know this to be true - one need only to look at the growing statistics of relationship breakdowns and mental health issues we face today in workplaces, families, communities and societies. 
In order to sustainably succeed in a life of wellbeing, with true meaning - be it in business or anything worth our time, money or effort - we must first remove what is holding us back as individuals. We know self-care is critical more than ever, yet do we really understand what it takes to ensure it in our life, beyond the occasional 'break time' meditation or wellness tactic we dabble in when it's convenient?
Self care involves regularly taking care of the gifts within us that fuel the outcome we want at all levels. One important truth often overlooked is that, just as we can acquire amazing results, so to can we acquire outcomes that aren't so favourable, and they build up and store as erroneous emotions generating feels that drive sub-optimal habits and beliefs that limit us from reaching our potential for better outcomes in our present moments. These become excess weights we risk carrying into our day-to-day, until we deal with them. This is fundamental to self-care.
Think on the times an event happens and you get triggered and lose your forward momentum because you feel stuck in fear, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm. When we don't deal with this excess, nothing can make us rise to our brilliant occasion in the present moment, really the only time we have! There is no education, no knowledge, no credentials that can rise us without resolving this excess 'weight'. 
And so, it's important to remove that which holds us back from within, so that we can bring about what we want and line up what it takes for true success, true leadership that makes a lasting difference. There is a way and one of the many tools we offer Hypnosis. The video included in this article is a sample of the deep-dive learning of this tool within the context of self-care and enhancement.
If you're ready to finally deal with your 'excess weight' so that you can truly live out all that matter most from the truths of your vitality, wholeness, well being, gifts and talents from within, contact us to book a learning session where we reveal the truths about hypnosis and its game-changer value for your next level of brilliant outcomes.
What clients are saying about this game-changer:
"...amazing and opened up my awareness to so much! It’s amazing what she can do in such a short period of time! She is so full of love and light, so easy to trust, and truly shows she has your best interests at heart. I highly recommend her!" - CWL, Coach, Trainer, Transformation industry
"It felt nourishing and refreshing. After the session I felt extra relaxed and allowed myself to let go of my worries. I highly recommend Maria as a coach and a mentor for experts, professionals and entrepreneurs looking for clarity, focus and breakthroughs not just in their work, but also in life." - LK, Business Leader/Coach, Mentor, Transformation industry
"In the 30+ years of therapy counselling, I have never reached the extent of progress I made such a short period of time! Maria's approach and guidance is truly remarkable...I'm well on my way and starting to see significant improvements in my life flow at work, and my personal relationships!" - CZ, Graphic Designer, Non-Profit Organization Leader
"I work in a fast paced job and have a small business often times we don’t see the tolls that our work has on use. Maria’s session allowed me to release the days tension and stress to feel fresh so I can continue on my path of success. Thank so much, Maria!" - BP, Registered Psychotherapist/Counsellor, Public health sector
This learning session is valued at $500, and during the Fall timeframe, at a special of $300. The session includes:
1) A one hour session on fundamentals of the Mind and how Hypnosis works for self care and enhancement; and
2) A sample guided hypnosis session focused on deep relaxation with heightened focus and intentionality for Confidence boost  (approximately 45 minutes in duration).
Contact us soon before for the limited spaces fill up!