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Everything In Our World is Created Twice - Set it Right the First Time

Everything In Our World is Created Twice - Set it Right the First Time
Seriously. I kid you not.
Beams of liquid gold once again, to welcome this morning with open arms for the day of moments awaiting. For me, I make a point that every day starts right, from within. It's as if the everlasting nudge is to join the brilliance. There are many reasons why early rise is so important - and so worth the join. 
I stress this as a foundation for any strategy in a success path - personally and professionally.
Everything in our world is created twice - first, created energetically, in our minds, hearts, souls… and only then can liquid gold from heaven be noticed, felt, become fused within us, to shine as a beacon to guide us right, and to share out from this.
Nature knows this effortlessly. Our souls align with it just as naturally. We can capture this wonder, this power within us, before the world stirs before us - the early rise's gift.
My early morning stars at 6:30 AM - 7:00 AM on average, with this important checklist to start me off...
🌞  Breath in and out exercise, then for blood flow to set right, I join the morning's glory with my furry, four-legged partner Theo, in life's beautiful unfolding.
🌞  Prayer and meditation to tune into divine Source for love's goodies in joy, gratitude, calm and peace as my balm from one moment to the next on this day.
🌞 Mind, body, emotions, spirit have aligned with clarity and purpose for what's next and right before me: my now.
May your moments within be filled with the brilliance of this liquid gold I just shared.
Let's connect and get your energetic in the right flow for your next level! /