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The Whisper on Relationships Through Sunflowers (by Maria R. Nebres article September 9 2019)

The Whisper on Relationships: Through Sunflowers (by Maria R. Nebres, article September 9, 2019)

It's amazing how nature provides whispers, nudges of God's graces, blessings and insights for humankind. Take, for instance, the whisper about healthy relationships, through my favourite plant: the Sunflower.  When I promote the idea of leading from Love at work and in personal ...
A True Leadership Thought for Every Moment Every Day Be Love (by Maria R. Nebres article issue September 27 2019)

A True Leadership Thought for Every Moment, Every Day: Be Love (by Maria R. Nebres, article issue: September 27, 2019)

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A True Leader's thought for every moment of every day: Be Love.   You know when you say, "thank God it's Friday"? That day when many of us can be tempted to be swept away with the anticipation for ending another workweek, having finished a week of busy-ness, struggles, mundane ...